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Are you looking for work in Netherlands? Over the last 10 years we have become one of the major independent agencies that help people find work in the Netherlands. Our diversity on partners that are active in different sectors in different geographical regions in Netherlands make it possible for us to listen to your needs and find a job (and accommodation) accordingly. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a short-term job or for a long term employment.

We feel obliged to gather the most important information on working in Netherlands so that employees can prepare themselves for their new challenge in Netherlands.

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Working in Netherlands 2017

Due to the increasing need for people that are willing to work in Netherlands. The Dutch labor market is always looking for people that are willing to work in production or logistics but as well for specialists such as: experienced (food line) operators, mechanics, fork lift drivers, carpenters, window fitters and CNC operators.

Our job offers are strongly depending on seasons as the activity in different sectors in Netherlands changes with the season. In most sectors the busiest season is summer and the slowest is winter, i.e. January and February. The technical sector is active all year round. Dutch companies often start planning early for long term projects and hire in advance.

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What to expect once you arrive to Netherlands

Compared to other European countries the dutch recruitment sector is rather unique. To prepare you for your stay in Netherlands we try to explain the benefits of recruitment in Netherlands and how recruitment agencies take care of payments, your Social Security number, and accommodation. Off-course it’s difficult to give a realistic view on how your life in Netherlands will look like. This is why we would recommend anyone to read our references carefully. This will give you a better view on what to expect in Netherlands and might make your big step to go to Netherlands a bit smaller.
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