Find your job abroad!

Are you looking for work abroad? Qbis helps people to find work in Netherlands & Germany.

We offer a great number of vacancies in different sectors in Netherlands and Germany

Such as: Logistics, production, agriculture, healthcare and construction.

Our services on finding a job abroad are free of charge.

We are an independent international recruiting agency, based in Vilnius Lithuania, that helps Lithuanian-, Latvian-, Romanian-, Portuguese- and Polish people find work abroad.

Each year over 1,000 people are employed with our help at different employment agencies in Netherlands and Germany.

Are you looking for an employment agency that can find suitable work abroad for you? We have different partners that are active in different sectors and countries. Because of this we are able to match the needs of the job-seekers to the right employment agency. We offer our services on finding a job free of charge.

Percentage of recruited people that is positive about our service 87%

Our 10 biggest partners rate us:

on the quality of the employees that are selected (7.6)

on the quality of our service in general (7.9)

on the response time (7.6)

The advantages of a Qbis account:

✔ Have a clear overview on your procedure to work abroad

✔ Receive interesting job- proposals by e-mail or SMS

✔ Easy to apply for a job, with just one mouse-click

✔ Easy to add- and change personal information

✔ Being visible for interesting job- proposals